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Pictures and Images of Heavy Equipment

Scale Models Heavy Equipment

Intermodal Forklift for Taylor Machine Works

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Forward dumping cement truck

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Transtainer with rail yard built for Paceco Corp.

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Another View of Intermodal Forklift


1/4 Scale Model of a nine foot transmission

Power Generation Plant Model

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At Scale Reproductions we build custom scale models and prototypes of almost any type or design. We build custom scale models, replicas, prototypes, and mock-ups for a variety of industries (including heavy equipment), companies, and individuals.

We specialize in custom engineering models (working miniatures, prototypes, and mock-ups), heavy equipment, machinery and vehicle replicas of all types. Forklifts, Trains, Conveyers, Cranes, Cement Trucks, Transtainers, and Dump Trucks, just to name a few.

Model examples include: Intermodal Forklift for Taylor Machine Works, Forward dumping cement truck with detailed under carriage, Transtainer with rail yard built for Paceco Corporation, Power Generation Plant and other Industrial Plant Models, Model Transmissions built in Very Large Scale (VLS), and just about any other heavy equipment or machinery model or replica you may require.

Our specialties are custom scale models for the architectural industry, aerospace industry, maritime industry, offshore oil industry, luxury vessels, defense industry, and heavy equipment. To view more images of our scale models visit our PORTFOLIO page, or our other slide show picture galleries (Architectural, Maritime, and Military /Naval).

We also specialize in the 'unusual' projects. If you have had problems finding a model maker that can handle your project, contact us. Our people are accustomed to working with new ideas and concepts. We can help the inventors to prototype their inventions as well. The team of model makers in our company has backgrounds which allow us to work in many different areas of expertise. We also offer laser cutting and CNC routing services. Our computer lab is able to help you with your 2D or 3D drawing requirements. Our rapid prototyping service offers the benefit of being able contract with us for a realistic museum quality finished product. We also offer service to companies who need their miniatures either repaired or modified (even if not originally purchased from our modeling company).

"Where Technology Meets Craftsmanship"

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